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Out Of The Ashes Album Credits


All songs written by Matt Urmy, accept for: We Must Believe In Magic, which was written by Allen Reynolds and Bob McDill.


Matt Urmy – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Dave Jacques – Bass

Kenny Vaughan – Electric Guitar

Mike Webb – Piano, B3, Accordion

Mike Daly – Pedal Steel – (3,9,10)

Tom Pryor – Pedal Steel – (1,2,4,5,6,7,8)

Paul Griffith – Drums

Eric Fritsch – Mandolin

Leticia Wolf – Vocals

John Prine – Vocals (Out Of The Ashes)

Cowboy Jack Clement – Vocals (We Must Believe In Magic)

Sam Lewis – Vocals (Out Of The Ashes)

The Family – Vocals (Out Of The Ashes)


Produced By: Matt Urmy & Cowboy Jack Clement

Engineered By: Brooks Watson & Paul Bowman

Mixed By: Brandon Bell

Mastered By: Eric Conn, Independent Mastering