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Country Artists You Need to know

Sounds Like: The classic country of vintage AM radio fleshed out with modern-day hooks and choruses. For Fans of: John Prine, Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson, richly cinematic story-songs.

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album review

“promises to be a thoughtful piece of work that demonstrates Urmy’s feel for the way rock, country and pop intersect...the most fascinating Nashville album of the past decade… 10 songs of Americana poetry filled with a smoky mysticism and irreverence befitting Clement’s out-of-this-worldview, paired with a sound that evokes The Band, Ryan Bingham and Todd intelligent and adventurous project — at turns joyful, curious and gloomy — but it’s also something more. It’s the story of a quirky old genius and a clued-in kid who forged an unlikely bond.”


mary gauthier

"Matt is a rare and visionary poet."


The Bluegrass situation

“The lyrics -- and the majestic chug conjured up in this ethereal rendition --are a message to never lose hope when it feels like your world (or the fruits of your artistic labor) are burning.”


entrepreneur magazine

"Matt was included in Entrepreneur Magazine's Innovators List."


wide open country

"Magical and Inspiring!"