Quotes from Matt Urmy (@urmyquotes):


"I wouldn't advise you go creating problems just so you can try to solve them."

"Big Dreams need a trailer, if you're gonna dream big, get the tow package! "


"There are way more songs in this world about love than about hate."

"For every inch of longing, there is a mile to manage."

"There is no better pair than a wing and a prayer."

"Time is to peanut butter as perspective is to jelly...you can separate them...but they work so well together."

"The limits imposed upon mankind by the laws of Nature are far far fewer than the limits mankind imposes upon itself."

"Timing is to business as wind is to weather."

"I don't think innovation comes from smart. It comes from quiet. From open. From asking & being present enough to hear a hint when it's given.

"It's what you do with your dreams that truly gives them meaning"

"You can build a fire but you can't change the weather..."

"A good question is a prism…bending the light of our singular perceptions into kaleidoscopes of opportunities for insight."

"Dreams don’t chase themselves!"

"Time is a shadow on the beach of life..."

"Focusing on the past is like walking through Manhattan with your eyes closed."

"I like to try and stay on the good side of time..."

"Sometimes it's better not to understand why things happen. Just be neutral and let magnetism do its thing."

"Gratitude is like water. When it's pure it gives life. When it's polluted it is a deadly poison."

"Language, the law of our natural ghosts..."

"Every spirit is free within its bondage..."

"A new year is a great time to drop an old pattern." 

“The magic that is pervasive across the heavens has shown its beauty to me on this earth, as the living presence behind people’s eyes.”

"Truth is a philosophy. Honesty is a way of life."

"Though it is expressed & experienced differently all over the world, it’s very possible that there is only one wind."

"When life plays music, it's best to get up and dance!"

"Every day you have the opportunity to choose an energy polarity: negative or positive. Consider your agenda, and use discernment."